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A campaign by Irina Stasiw
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Masha and Misha, two Borzois rescued from Russia, were adopted by Jimmy and Terri on July 22nd of 2019.

The happy go lucky hounds were living in a shelter and not being exercised much for the last year as they did not have a forever home to play in.

At Jimmy and Terri’s home, they finally got their playground: a large fenced in yard. Just last night when Masha was coming back in, she caught her leg on a step in the yard and it snapped. She was rushed to the emergency vet and the resulting cost was a whopping $2,000 bill.

Why is it that when it rains it always seems to pour?

Jimmy and Terri are not new to the hound rescue scene. They have been involved in fostering and finding forever homes for greyhound for the last 15 years, which is already a huge financial investment to say the least. But to add to it, Jimmy is on disability and Terri recently fell into her own medical troubles with her back and also needs surgery.

Still, the couple opened up their loving home to both of the borzois. Masha and Misha were already extremely attached and it was a devastating concept to think of to have to separate the two when considering their options for a new family. The McClellan’s taking them both in allowed the siblings to remain together, which was their happiest choice.

Between the costs of their own needs and their financial restrictions, this unanticipated emergency bill is a burden that the McClellans’ cannot take on their own and they need our help.

Please consider donating to this fund so that this burden may be lifted off a family that is already taking on so much upon themselves. Every single dollar helps and even just sharing this post would be a huge help to get the word out. Even if you can only put in one dollar and share this post, it is going to make a huge difference for Masha and her new family.

Thank you so much for reading this post and considering helping this beautiful Borzoi.

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