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Please support me with my education.

A campaign by Melbie Dumag

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A campaign by Melbie Dumag
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Please support me with my education.

Hello! My name is Melbie Alonzo. Life was never been easy for us. I was bread winner of my family,I worked overseas for 8years and went back home 2015. We all thought I have good sit back,earned and saved but due to the unforeseen circumstances it turned out to be the opposite. My application for my passport has been long paused by the consular and I was stuck and sell all what we have for my parents medical issues,especially my father whose suffering with many complications on his heart and his lungs. He used to be fisherman but now stayed home and mom has to work harder,but even her has issues but she's just so selfish that she put herself back to finance my father. We had hopes my brother can go work overseas but he was fake by illegal recruiters who promise him goodnlife abroad. Now we left with nothing,but we still surviving despite the fate we have. I came here to ask for help,I know I can work but it won't be permanent that's why I wanted to go back to school and finish my college. I stopped back then due to financial issues and I want to go back. I've been wanting to finish business management (4years course) and with the in demand need in BPO industry it makes me want to pursue my studies. I choose to finish my college instead of working bcos I know in getting your degre the job you will be getting will be permanent and at the same time it will be easier for you to get hire if your graduate. Please help me to raise fund for my study.