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A campaign by Rachel Wolf
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Hello and welcome to the fundraiser page for POE the musical!

POE is Rachel's life's work, a full-length original stage musical about the iconic American author, Edgar Poe. She's worn all three hats as the writer of book, music, and lyrics. With tons of POE-tential, the musical defies expectations with considerable comedy while still providing POE fans with hidden gems scattered throughout the show, the requisite dark moments and, of course, a pendulum. Check out for a summary and links.

This show aims to entertain, educate, and enlighten. Eddy Poe rises from the grave filled with regret over choices he made during his life. He wants to set the record straight and clear his name. You see, many of the myths about Poe began when Rufus Griswold wrote a slanderous obituary and biography rife with lies. For 200 years, Poe has been misunderstood and misrepresented. So Death shows up as his therapist and takes him in a dream-state back into his life so he can reconcile his journey and realize that everything happens as it must.

For this initial round of fundraising, your contributions will be tremendously helpful as we put together a producer's package for finding investors/backers/angels. We hope you donate something toward the goal and share, share, share this campaign to spread the word.

Thank you for supporting the arts and more particularly, supporting Rachel Wolf's pursuit of her dream.

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