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Save homeless dog Wolf hit by a car

A campaign by Larisa Ulanova

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A campaign by Larisa Ulanova
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Save homeless dog Wolf hit by a car

Dear friends! Wolf desperately needs your help! On Monday, September 10th, 2018 he had very complicated emergency surgery on his broken leg, and there are not enough funds to cover the expenses!!!

Wolf is a homeless rescue dog from a high kill shelter in Russia. He was on a death row, when Dire Straits Paws Rescue Group (DSP) located in PA brought him to the USA. He lived in a foster home in PA for some time, and then Wolf was requested for adoption by a family in Ohio. It seemed like luck has finally turned around for Wolf, but no. On the 5th day a terrible thing happened: Wolf was on a leash in the unfenced backyard and the sound of working air conditioner unit spooked him so hard, he got out of the collar and ran away.

Since our rescue group is in Pennsylvania, we all were so upset and terrified for Wolf, but with some luck, the wonderful Lost Pet Recovery team from Columbus OH. 500+ flyers were distributed over 7 miles search radiusand finally, some calls have started to come in. Wolf was caught by Lost Pet Recovery in a humane trap on the 40th day since his escape.
Don from the Lost Pet Recovery took Wolf to the vet clinic right away. It was discovered that Wolf was likely hit by a car and had two fractures in the rear leg that already started to heal 20 degrees outward improperly. Wolf has an X-Ray done, and the prognosis was terrible - his leg needs to be amputated!!! BUT Don is a miracle worker and could get a consultation with the best Orthopedic Veterinarian at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, and they gave Wolf a chance and performed a very complicated emergency surgery on Monday September 10th that SAVED Wolf's leg!!!! That is amazing, right??!!! His whole life Wolf was abused and neglected. But this bad luck streak should end! Please help to make the miracle happen!!!



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