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A campaign by Irina Stasiw
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Attention dear friends and animal lovers!

Rescued Borzoi hound, Masha, from Russia has encountered more trouble with the break to her leg and we need your help.

For those of you not up to speed, Jimmy and Terri McClellan took in Masha and her brother Misha just over a month ago, and quite quickly Things quickly began to take a turn for Masha, when she broke her leg August 9, 2019 while enjoying her new found freedom from a small pen with dirt floor by running in a yard with green grass.

Jimmy was devastated and reached out for my help because in addition to being on disability his other older dog with a devastating prognosis of bone cancer has already been adding emotional and financial grief in his life.

Jimmy had taken in Masha and Misha even though he already has his small pack to support and love. He could not have anticipated her original leg injury and even that was too much of a financial burden. It only made the blow even more severe when we unfortunately came to discover that the vet did not set her fracture properly. Moreover, the wound underneath the splint wrap lacked air access and festered into an infection. Amputation was again suggested by the West Virginia emergency vet.

Jimmy has again reached out for my help, and I would not take amputation as a choice without doing some research.

I managed to find a skilled vet who could perform the necessary surgery to reset her bone and add titanium plates and screws to support the bones in place. This surgery has allowed elegant Masha to keep her leg! This operation, though, has cost $7,000 and me, Jimmy, and Masha need as much help as you can offer.

Of course, in the nature of the urgency of the matter I could not allow for Masha’s surgery to be put off until funds were accumulated and so I needed to personally charge this huge bill.

This bill, which was entirely unmanageable to Masha’s new family is also a huge burden in my own financial climate. As a family of four with a daughter in college and 5 dogs of our own I need all the help I can get to pay for Masha’s operation.

This is not going to be the last of Masha’s veterinary expenses. Follow up appointments, medications, living expense and rehabilitation program will be necessary to ensure her recovery as I continue to foster her through her recovery.

I want to again emphasize how much we all appreciate your help, as this is the second fundraiser for Masha’s leg. This has just turned into much more than helping dog in crisis and we all could not have been prepared for what a financial burden we have taken upon ourselves in helping this dog find a forever, happy home.

We all thank you so much for your attention again in this matter and for any contribution you can give. Even if the contribution you can offer is sharing this post, we are grateful for your help in spreading the word to others that can potentially donate.

Sincerely, Irina Stasiw

This is link to the photo album on my Facebook Profile where I will be adding all pictures related to Masha's recovery progress

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