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A campaign by Adrienne Garland
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She Leads
She Leads Media is on a mission to help women to be leaders and entrepreneurs and use their voice to impact and influence the media.  Since 2013, I have been producing an annual conference that has attracted 225 - 250 attendees from my own personal funds.  Throughout the years, I have, at best, broken even.  However, in order to make a greater impact in the US and around the world, I need funds to scale.  I've turned to larger corporations who have loads of money, but who do not support independent, private women who are actually doing real, tangible things. Corporations would rather back celebrity-driven organizations, as they are concerned more about extending their brand than actually making an impact on a handful of women's lives.  Changing just one life can change the world.  To grow and expand, She Leads needs to bring on team members, develop marketing and sponsorship materials so that we can grow, expand and serve even more women.  We need your help and your support to do so.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generous gift.