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Stop Fake Online Shops and Websites

A campaign by Cyber Webforce

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A campaign by Cyber Webforce
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Stop Fake Online Shops and Websites

Dears Friends, People of good will and Family,

We want to first thank you all for visiting this our campaign to fight against fake online stores and websites on the internet. I love shopping online and have been a victim of online fraud many times. Despite all measures taken to recover my money, nothing never happened. So i decided that i will help in my own way fight and try to stop this online fraud buy gathering intelligence and investigating some of this sites to see how i can exposed them so others don’t fall victims too.

I decided to contact some of my friends and shared the idea with them which  all of them agreed to join me in the fight against online fraud.  We decided to come up with a small Group call Cyber Webforce.

Cyber Webforce is a small group of Cyber Security Specialists and Activists fighting Cyber Crimes online. We are located in Tampa, Florida, USA. 

Our vision is to become one of the most leading organizations fighting cybercrimes

Our Mission now is to setup a platform that will enable us  identify this fake online stores and websites, expose them and also make sure  they are shutdown. Will also be providing services were anyone who wants to purchase online on a site he/she does not really know, we can investigate if the site is genuine or fake and give that person a suggestion before purchasing. We will also be digging the web to come out with a list of genuine and fake sites, make them public so that people can see them.

Every day people get scammed and millions of dollars are lost due to online fraud. Credit Cards and bank information being stolen, yet is difficult to really identify these criminals. Imagine there was a way to prevent this from happening. There are also other online stores that you purchase from but yet what comes something else and not worth the price. They claim they have refund and return policy but yet when you request for a refund, it will take like forever and at the end you will not even get your money back. 

This is why we want to setup this platform and get more human resource so that we can monitor such sites. All we need is your support no matter how small so that we can accomplish this great task. Once we succeed to get the funding with need, the money will be use to get state of the art equipments like: Racks, servers, routers etc, Softwares, more support team and for research.

Why not spend $10 and Safe Thousands of Dollars in future

Thank you all for your generous support.

God Bless you.

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