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Support Historic Afghan Women’s Ascent to the Peak!

A campaign by Marina LeGree



Women in Afghanistan remain oppressed and have few role models.  Ascend, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, has developed a team of young women who are striving to be those much needed role models for future generations. Their first goal is quite ambitious… Climb Mt Noshaq, Afghanistan’s tallest mountain. Through teamwork, rigorous physical training and leadership building exercises these women have a newly-gained self-confidence and the skills that will enable them to not only climb the mountain, but to help lead their communities toward a more secure, just and productive future. Ascend was formed with the belief that, working together, young people can play a central role in the nation’s transition from war to peace.

What Are We Doing?

Facilitating the dream of these young Afghan women with an ambitious goal in mind— scale Afghanistan’s highest mountain and to become known as Afghanistan’s first female mountain climbers. Through their training these women have discovered they can do and be more than they ever imagined. There are no longer limits… And this expedition will prove they can do anything. More importantly, it will prove to all those young girls behind them that they, too, can follow their dreams of something great!


Why Are We Doing It?

To inspire a young generation of Afghan women to be strong and work together to lead Afghanistan toward a peaceful future. The impact of this program ripples far beyond the transformational change to the women on the team. Their accomplishments will be known across Afghanistan and around the world, expanding the bounds of what is possible for women and girls everywhere. The message this team will send is that women can achieve anything when they work together for a common purpose, no matter the challenges placed before them.


What Do They Need to Get to the Top?

Funding for the expedition! The girls have been working hard and Ascend has been funding their physical and leadership training for the past year. Now we need to get them to and UP the mountain. Expenses include:

- Safe transportation through a rugged, dangerous environment

- Expert guides to keep them safe (two female American certified professional guides)

- Medical assistance standing by

- Gear to outfit the girls for 24,000ft (from boots and ropes to jackets and tents)

- Nutritious food (they must follow the diet of athletes to be athletes!)

- Professional training in leadership, team building and storytelling

What Does Your Donation Pay For?

$17 – Buys food for one climber for one day during the expedition

$42 – Pays for porters to support one team member for one day (we pay a fair wage to porters from the local community)

$60 – Pays for one sleeping bag for a climber

$117 – Pays for one climber to be safely transported to the mountain

$155 – Pays for satellite communication services throughout the expedition (safety and daily weather checks)

$233 – Pays for intensive team-building training delivered by experienced female professionals, for one climber

$250 – Pays for the transportation of quality climbing gear from the U.S. to Afghanistan for one climber

$482 – Pays for medicine for the entire team during the expedition

$500 – Pays for the satellite communications gear to be used during the expedition

$826 - Pays for outfitting one climber with all required expedition gear

$1400 – Pays for safe transportation for the entire team to the mountain


Hear the girls explain why climbing mountains means to them!

The continued violence against women in Afghanistan underscores the the uncertain future faced by Afghanistan's youth. In such difficult times, we THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT in encouraging this extraordinary team. These young women embody the courage and hope that can bring real and lasting change.

Thanks for the awesome support!

Ascend Team

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