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Support my social entrepreneurship empowerment 3 months project in Boane, Mozambique

A campaign by Muhammad Awwal Jibril

Support my social entrepreneurship empowerment 3 months project in Boane, Mozambique
I am scheduled to participate in a campaign with Associacao International de Voluntariado ( in TOFO Beach from 16th of September, 2015 to 27th of September, 2015, raising awareness in environmental protection and bringing attention to the environment which is a major concern for communities and people in Tofo beach and around the world.
This project involves (but not limited to);
1. Developing awareness campaign around environmental issues,
2. Planting about one thousand trees along the beach and host communities, also doing a beach clean up,
3. Preventing the falling down of about 2000 trees around communities close to the beach
4. Host seminars regarding simple practices that 'Protect our Environment',
5. To educate people on issues regarding climate change and the danger involved.

I am also scheduled to stay back for 3 months at Boane, a village 33km from Maputo city where I shall
1. lead a project social entrepreneurship aimed at creating sustainable income for about 5000 individuals to earn a living and
2. to train youths in Boane community on 'Social development' and skill training.

I have currently raised about $725 and still need about $800 to complete the total estimated budget sum to enable me embark on this life changing project.
The expenses to be incurred with this crowd sourced money include;

1. Return airfare from Abuja to Maputo ($900); Ethiopian air + local transport
2. Supplementary to my living expenses during the 3 months project with ($600)
3. Sum total:                                                                                ($1500),

Other expenses shall be provided by me (part of living expenses, insurance and any other incurred expense)

Thank you very much as you contribute to the success of this project, together we can make planet  earth safer and habitable. 
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