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Swoovy- Increasing Volunteerism Through Connection

A campaign by Jody McCrary

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A campaign by Jody McCrary
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    Brag-worthy Social Media Post
    We'll post on your social sites telling everyone how awesome you are.

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    "Make Every Date Count" 2020 Calendar

    Featuring some of our most amazing nonprofit partners. This calendar is a daily reminder of the good these groups are doing, and to "make every date count"!

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    Share the Love - Buy 3, Get 2 Free

    You love your friends and family... so remind them to make every date count too. These calendars make great holiday gifts!

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    Donation Drive - For YOUR CAUSE

    We will host a donation drive for the cause of your choice, and then donate the collection in your name. What a difference you could make - generating $20,000 in value of volunteer hours, AND facilitating a donation drive. (We will prioritize first come, first serve).

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Swoovy- Increasing Volunteerism Through Connection

Swoovy is ready to scale - and we need your help! 

We introduced Swoovy to Austin, TX - the app the connects single people to go volunteer for a nonprofit as a date, and we're ready to fuel the growth. We have been so flattered by the amount of people cheering us on from the side, and while not everyone can be an investor, we’d love your help.  Every dollar counts and we truly appreciate it – especially now – helping our nonprofit partners overcome the lull in volunteers that always follows the holiday rush.

We’re asking for donations, and in return you can get awesome rewards! 

As a thank you for your generous donations, we have created a special calendar reminding you to "Make Every Date Count!". In this calendar, we feature a different nonprofit partner each month. The added benefit is that we are helping these organizations build awareness! The calendars are a wonderful purchase for yourself moving into the New Year - and make perfect holiday gifts for loved ones! We are taking pre-orders now and plan to ship the first group in time for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the volume of orders will be received to complete in that time frame - but that's the goal!

What does the future look like and where will the money go?

With the experience gained during the beta period, the team has outlined exactly what the next steps need to be to maximize what we can do with all donations received. We plan to expand the product offering, turn on paid marketing (can you believe all this hype with barely any paid marketing?), and provide a nominal compensation for the team (thanks! We have little mouths to feed, too).

What people love about Swoovy:

For online daters, you can match and go on a date volunteering, finally an easy way to find a date and making a meaningful connection! Let’s face it – we all know somebody that’s using online dating. Imagine if we could save them from those bad dates, and get people back to connecting in person, doing something good with their time.

There’s so much early buzz, let’s grow this thing!

Swoovy launched a beta in Austin end of 2018 and with little to no marketing budget quickly acquired thousands of users within just the dating space, along with collecting numerous accolades:

The team is strong and mission-driven. 

Collectively, we have dedicated over 40 months of unpaid work - a true indication of our passion and dedication for what we can do here.

All 3 co-founders have proven experience with high-growth early stage companies with successful exits, and they are currently focused on investment to drive growth and expansion, both geographically and with future product extensions.

Your donation to Swoovy can provide 20x in value to nonprofits! 

Nonprofits have to spend big to recruit quality volunteers. This app minimizes that pain by increasing motivation through human connection. In doing so, we're encouraging those 65% of people who want to volunteer (but don't) to actually show up! That's creates huge value to nonprofits - in fact - they value one hour of volunteer work on average at $25. Our plan enables $1 billion in value through nonprofit hours in 5 years. So by helping Swoovy expand, you are able to maximize the value of your donation by TWENTY TIMES! 

A sincere THANK YOU for all of the support,

- Team Swoovy

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