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Tarot, My Love

A campaign by Nadine Kijner

Tarot, My Love

Tarot, My Love

A book through my eyes and heart about the Spiritual Journey of the Tarot. 
Photographing and designing my original Tarot Deck and recreating the 78 cards.

Why Support this project?

  • To learn what Tarot is, how you can use the Tarot in your daily life, and the history of Tarot.
  • A heart-centered, soulful romp through the 78 cards of the Tarot....
  • A beautiful, aesthetic, sensuous gift book you can carry around and use for spiritual guidance whenever you want.
  • To experience the spiritual journey of the Tarot through my eyes and heart, utilizing stories to exemplify what each card means.
  • To learn how to give a Tarot reading.
  • The tarot is a tool for self-growth and the evolution of your Soul.  You can use this book to pull Tarot Cards to understand the deeper energies of your life circumstances, and to help with life decisions.
  • My desire is that you will reach for this book when you need emotional or spiritual assistance, when you feel joy, when you want to enter the Mystery of life just a bit more deeply.......

Why am I raising funds for this project?

  • Budget for cost of creating the 78 Tarot Cards.  Photographer, locations, set design, costumes, re-touching for some of the 78cards.  (Not all cards will require sets...some will be artistic renderings or abstract, expressing the essence of the card's meaning).
  • Cost of research for book, rights to art work
  • Cost of Printing the Tarot Deck -TBD


About Me

It has been my dream for decades to create my own visually beautiful Tarot deck.  It has also been my dream to write a book on the Tarot after giving readings for over twelve years.  I plan to photograph the Tarot, capturing the essence of each of the 78 cards' meaning, depth, and sensuous beauty, while honoring the ancient spiritual wisdom rendered since their creation before the 1400's.  My desire is to bring the Tarot to life often using people as the subjects, to evoke the commonality of our human journey that breaks us all open into knowing our own Soul.

When I was fifteen years old, I came upon a Tarot deck at the mall that changed my life.  The Tarot cards were amazing, emanating an energy and power that even at that age I could feel as I sifted through the colorful, differing cards and the emotional, spiritual messages they induced.  This began to help me understand on mystical, deeper levels about life and seemed to soothe some unnameable ache.  Their wisdom was a balm.  

The mundane world of finishing homework and the chatter of the TV in the living room far off, were filled with the enthusiastic folly of The Fool, the beautiful, abundant Empress, illuminated by The Star, and the sadness of the Three of Swords - a heart pierced by swords.  It brought sorrow in my body just to look at that card, and images suffused for no 'reason' into my being;  Anne Frank hiding out under floorboards from the Nazis, a barefoot boy in Colombia carrying his runny-nosed, naked baby sister, a best friend's mom's muffled crying in her bedroom during her divorce, and my own inundating grief at losing my mom at age ten.  It was as if holding the Tarot, I were encircled and held by the healing, visionary arms of Mystery, and I felt not so alone in the world of feelings.

I also was beginning to have an inkling of what being an Intuitive meant, that you could feel things that were hard to explain, but you just Knew, that you could have thoughts that were not at the top of your mind, but later those things occurred, and that my intense sensitivity which seemed to pull me into reveries, and felt like a burden, because it made me so shy compared to others, could be directed towards a purpose.  I was stunned that those around me could not feel what was so obvious to me, as if they were deaf in a world filled with flutes and violins.   

I became a writer when I discovered it was utterly magical to explore through written words, to enter underwater caves of the self and swim around.  Silent, when I took the pen I was amazed at what spilled out,  stronger, clearer and wiser than how I could ever speak at the time.  Transformative.  I could have been mistaken for a mute in middle school, I was so nervous to speak up and would blush just saying my own name aloud.  But then, this different voice emerged, who was talking?  Of course many writers uncover this, their writing voice.  And the contradictory desire to reveal and conceal, and somehow find a way through.  

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Boston University, and a Masters Degree in Professional Writing from USC.  I am now writing, Tarot, My Love....a book on the Tarot, card by card, and photographing an original deck.  Thank you for your support in helping me achieve my dream and complete this creative and spiritual project.  

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