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Vuka’s chance for life and happiness

A campaign by Irina Stasiw

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A campaign by Irina Stasiw
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Vuka’s chance for life and happiness

Vuka’s chance for life and happiness

Vuka is approximately 10 years old, quiet and kind, shy and friendly, average looking dog who was born on the streets of Moscow, Russia and never had a human who loved her and a couch she could call her own. 

About 9 years ago, Vuka was saved off the streets and brought to shelter where she lived till February of 2018 without being noticed or wanted by anybody. Almost 9 years!

My friend Larisa Ulanova came across her story and it touched her heart. 

Larisa brought Vuka to US to foster until she could find her a family who would give the senior dog a chance to fill the 

last years of her life with love and happiness Vuka never had.

Finally in the beginning of June of 2018, a family from NJ felt in love and adopted Vuka.   

When Larisa thought Vuka’s ordeal was finally over with nothing but happiness ahead, unexpected happened.

Two days after Vuka was adopted, she stopped eating and drinking water. Her new owner, Debbie, noticed that Vuka is very uncomfortable and perhaps even in pain while she is trying to eat, so she took Vuka to the veterinarian.

What was discovered by doctors was devastating....

There was advanced decay in numerous teeth. There is gum recession, and gingival disease, but the greatest concern was tumor(mass) in her throat possibly cancerous. 

Surgery to remove this mass is a must for Vuka. There is astronomical cost associated with the surgery and all the tests needed. 

Vuka’s new owner can’t afford to pay all the expenses and she is returning her back to Larisa tomorrow June 18.

With all the dogs Larisa currently fosters and cares for, she can’t afford to pay in full Vuka’s medical expenses. 

Please help Larisa with a donation to help offset the unexpected estimated cost of $3,000 for tests, surgery and recovery expenses.

Every dollar donated to Vuka’s  campaign counts and help Larisa to pay Vuka’s  medical bill.

People often ask me why I help animals as supposed to struggling children. I don’t have an answer to this question. I believe that every living creature in need has an equal chance on this planet. Some of us feel right to help children; others to help animals. Look into Vuka’s  eyes and even if you don’t have a dollar to spare, please share a link to her campaign. Giving her a chance to find more supporters would be equally great help.

Thank you all.

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