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Zoya's Journey of Healing

A campaign by Ellie Shapiro

Zoya's Journey of Healing

Zoya has been shining her light on many of you, who are reading this now. We all experienced her divine light and healing energy either as clients or friends, and many of her patients have become a part of our extended family. You may know by now that she has been diagnosed with bone cancer and it is in most of her spine. There are really good news and a promise of many years ahead of her but she needs to now concentrate on herself and shine some of that healing light upon her own journey to recovery. 

She is starting radiation in the most affected area (see attached picture of her latest scans) on 12/05 and thus will begin her life without her beloved practice as we will be shutting down her office sometime this month. This region is refereed to as thoracic spine and is rendering her unable to sit at all which is a large part of her work. 

We are asking all of you to consider donating what you can spare so that she can assuage her fear of how she will survive these few months and concentrate on healing. Many of you who are her patients can relate to this because she teaches that while we live in the state of survival we can't really resolve any of our issues and move to a better place in our psyche. We are asking for any donation and a share on your social media if you feel it is possible.

To create full transparency, I am the owner and founder of FundDreamer and will reverse most of my proceeds to the cause. The only fee we are keeping is the credit card fees. This is a non profit organization and I am able to provide receipts.

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