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Looking for new fundraising ideas?

You may set your fundraiser in just few minutes, and deliver instant results. FundDreamer offers personal fundraising platform that is free to create, customizable, and feature easy-to-use sharing Social Media tools so that you can quickly spread the word about your Dream.

Of course, you could sell wrapping paper door-to-door, bake hundreds of cookies, and post leaflets for hours. But your time is valuable! Try raising money with Fund Dreamer for any of your fundraising ideas instead!

There are lots of fundraising ideas out there for schools, but most of them offer little bang for the substantial buck that they require (not to mention the time investment). Create an online fundraising campaign for your school instead, and ask neighbors and grandparents to donate. They might just appreciate not having to buy more catalogue items, and much more money will go straight to your school instead of to the fundraising company!

Here are some suggested fund raising ideas from the home page:

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