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How CrowdFunding Works?


How CrowdFunding Works?

Crowdfunding Concept

    1. Campaigner/Dreamer creates compelling story for raising money
    2. Campaigner/Dreamer reaches out to Friends, Family, Fans and Community through Social Media or Email for raising money
    3. Campaign Supporters donates money toward Dreamers cause online
    4. At the end of the campaign, dreamer receives the money less transaction fees within 5 to 7 business days

Most of the successful Crowdfunding campaigns have the following three items:

    1. Emotionally charged campaign - Unique story, common community cause, mass problem solved through innovative thinking
    2. Campaigners (Dreamers) reach to Friends, Family, Fans, Community relationships through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) or Email
    3. Unique rewards / pledge through goods or services for Donors




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