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CC2 Brother's Professional Mobile Detailing Business startup

A campaign by Cristhiansen Cuevas

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A campaign by Cristhiansen Cuevas
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CC2 Brother's Professional Mobile Detailing Business startup

Our business startup is more than just washing your vehicle; it is about detailing to your specifications. To do it the right way with the best possible tools and to have a memorable experience with us, knowing that you were in good hands.

Cuevas bros
Hi, we are the Cuevas brothers and we are raising money to give our business a boost.

Have you ever paid an enormous amount of money to get your vehicle detailed, but they took way too long and didn't do it as you wanted?

Our goal is to provide exquisite work with unmatchable customer service at your convenience; anytime, anywhere.

Examples of our work

Example of liquid wax with exterior dressing

- Example of liquid wax with exterior dressing.

Clients vehicle

- Client's vehicle with simple cleaning and exterior dressing with polish of rims.

Our sister's Cadillac

  • Our sister's Cadillac

Before shot of vehicle stains

  • Before stain removal.

After shot of vehicle stains

  • After stain removal.

About us

Cristhiansen Cuevas

  • Hello, my name is Cristhiansen Cuevas and I wanted to start this business so I can provide a better life for my family. I have a wife and two beautiful daughters that mean the world to me. My family *My wife and two daughters**

My brother and I have about two years of experience washing vehicles and a lot of the time our performance is overlooked at our job. We do exquisite work and made it our goal to provide people with impeccable service, wherever they are.*

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Stefano Cuevas

  • *Ciao. My name is Stefano Cuevas, 23 years old, and the reason we came up with this idea of starting our own business is because I want to improve my financial status and not have to depend on clawing for hours at minimum wage. With the launch of our business and your help, I know I will be able to get my own place and vehicle, without having to depend on finding rides to do personal errands and more & provide our clients the best possible work and experience. *

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Breakdown of costs

Fully equipped detail trailer
- Fully equipped trailer, with all the necessary equipment for a detail and restoration business: $24,586

  • Used truck to haul trailer and equipment: $5,000

  • Miscellaneous expenses (gasoline, tune-ups, advertising, etc.): $2,414.00
    Total: $32,000.00

Why are we raising money?

The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds to get better equipment to be "fully mobile" and provide more services than we can currently give. We are limited right know what we have and to rely on the basic bucket and water hose tools. Worst of all is that we only can do it at our clients' homes, so it doesn't help our business expand & makes us lose a lot of customers. With your donations, we can reach out to more potential customers and provide services that may have never been offered to them before. We are willing to give back to the community by offering discounts for whoever donates and more. Thank you beforehand and have a splendid day! Hope to have you as one of our customers!