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by Silvia Suro
We are creating a guilt-free soda that actually tastes great! It's a delicious and all-natural choice for health-conscious soda lovers
4% $2,470 Funded
Funded Contributed Feb 14, 2015

Defence of our right to do business in Alaska

by Adele Tara
Why did AMCO & MCB not give a plan created around safety 1st, that Local government found very positive for the community a chance?
2% $225 Open
Funded Contributed Apr 12, 2018

less stress cleanup

by Sireka
I’m an ordinary person with an extraordinary idea 💡
0% $10 Open
Funded Contributed Dec 16, 2017

Raise money to purchase company limo

by Ktrenee Gian
I'm looking to purchase a limo.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Oct 18, 2017

Help a Single Mum Start a Business

by Natalie Okoro
Help a single mum of two to start a business producing candies and to register the business.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Feb 14, 2018

Je Soie

by Mia A Carroll
Je Soie is a family owned, all organic body and hand scrub company. The intention is to bring out your best and healthiest skin.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Mar 3, 2018

Help Fund My Dairy Land Company

by Omid
Dairy Land Company produces pure, organic and natural dairy products. Through this project, we want to increase local dairy production.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Mar 5, 2018

Help me succeed

by Erica
My name is Erica Mulcahy I have 2 children and I am currently looking for funds to help me succeed with my business I just recently opened
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Aug 7, 2018

Saber Academy Equipment

by Asuan J.
Funds for much-needed safety equipment
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 11, 2018

Explore Northeast

by Rituraj Gogoi
We are trying to build up a video library consisting of all the tourist destinations in North East India ,help us to do the same by donating
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 30, 2018

Агро бизнес и возрождения села

by Антон Гаркавенко
Я заканчиваю учёбу на агронома.Сам с села и хочу вернуться.так как работи нет, хочу организовать её себе и предоставить рабочие места
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Sep 9, 2019

The Labor Market

by Haroon Shirzad
We, The Labor Market are Services Business which provide Recruitment Services for Businesses especially SMEs and Employment for Job Seekers
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Nov 9, 2019

Please I'm poor family please help me

by Sapna
Please help me I'm poor family 3 girls and 2 boys and husband money problem
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Aug 11, 2020

Zookeeperz patented children’s product

by Tiffany Prime
We need your help to cover the costs for manufacturing , shipping, taxes, tariffs, custom agent, and website.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Mar 16, 2021

Platero-Home Decor & Gifts

by Sarla Verma
Platero's mission is to bring small vendors or silversmith online to make direct profit from customers.
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Dec 17, 2020

Launching Black Indie Entertainment Company

by Peppermint Culture co Ltd
Help launch Peppermint Culture Entertainment Ltd., an indie entertainment company for aspiring African American musicians and entertainers
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Jan 7, 2021
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