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Help Stigma Fighters Become a 501C3

A campaign by Sarah Fader

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Stigma Fighters is an online series that I created about real people living with mental illness. Stigma Fighters has become more than just a place to swap stories. It's a community of like-minded individuals. Please consider donating to help Stigma Fighters become a 501C3 and take the next step in fighting this illness and supporting people that live with it.


Sarah Fader Sarah Fader, Founder of Stigma Fighters

'I don't want anyone living with mental illness to experience that level of isolation that I felt. That's why I am taking Stigma Fighters to the next level. I am raising money to make Stigma Fighters a 501C3 non-profit organization.'

We have been published in Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and many others.

Stigma Fighters Mission

Our Mission is to create Stigma Fighter chapters in colleges and universities
across the country. Young people living with mental illness such as
bipolar, PTSD, anxiety and depression will have a community that they
can be a part of.

We are organizing college campus tours where there will be speakers
talking openly about living with mental illness.

Our Expenses Include:

501C3 legal fees = $800
Incorporation Fees: $200
College Campus Tour: $4000
Total expenses: $5000

Please consider donating to help Stigma Fighters become a 501C3.
'Give Everyone A Voice'
Thank you for your generosity.

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