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Humans of NY Campaign aka Brooklyn Love

A campaign by Yulia Laricheva

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A campaign by Yulia Laricheva
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Humans of NY Campaign aka Brooklyn Love

Hey peeps,

I was reading Humans of New York and came across the story of a woman who walked away from domestic violence. Her story touched me. She has 4 kids. The holidays are coming up. She said that we shouldn't afford a computer for her kids, curtains, the basic things.

Everyone is tagging Ellen and Oprah in the posts, you know what? Together we can all be Opren or Ellah. Let's unite and get this family some curtains, a years (lets shoot for 5 years) internet connection, a Netflix Subscription, and pay their rent for a year so they can feel more secure and focus on work and school.

I just moved into a new apt. The first thing I did was put up curtains. Having a home is a basic need. My heart goes out to her. I want to make her a painting. This woman is full of love are we. Lets put our energy together and do something awesome for this woman. 

Lets do some Social Good Together.

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