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Humans of NY Campaign aka Brooklyn Love

A campaign by Yulia Laricheva

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A campaign by Yulia Laricheva
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Humans of NY Campaign aka Brooklyn Love

  • Yulia Laricheva December 25, 2015

  • Yulia Laricheva December 25, 2015

    Hey peeps!

    thank you so much for helping give the Garcia family have a Christmas! We've raised over $1,330 and our platform will donate our proceeds from the campaign as well. Just dropped off the curtains, and the linens as well. We're cashing out the campaign for her but we're keeping it open so more people can donate.

    Merry 🎄🙌🏼🎁

  • Yulia Laricheva December 21, 2015

    Hey peeps. Check out this video we shot with Jessie the other day. Our goal is to raise 5k for her by Christmas. Turns on that the Robin Hood Foundation raised money for their non-profits... so Jessie doesn't get any of it. They actually said they didn't raise any money... and even if they did... it went towards their foundation. So Jessie is still with out any funds. I'm glad we're doing this campaign for her :) 

  • Yulia Laricheva November 21, 2015

    Hey peeps!

    jessie and I had dinner the other night. Pictures to come on this campaign page and possibly lur Instagram. We're going to shoot a video with her story and launch the campaign again. She is super funny and sweet. Her two kids came along and they were awesome.


  • Yulia Laricheva November 15, 2015

    Jesse and I are having lunch next week. Yay, she emailed us back. So excited! Stay tuned for a larger campaign.

  • Yulia Laricheva November 12, 2015

    Hey peeps. Here's the update. Instagram cut off our posting capabilities 4 hours into the campaign. Yup. We could post and comment but not on the HONY page. We thought that was a minor set back and continued working.

    Then HONY announced that he's partnering with Robin Hood to raise funds for Jesse. Cool, we can co-exist. HONY can promote two campaigns, right? Nope, all of our messages were quickly erased. When their partnership was announced they deleted our comments from facebook. It's fine, really. 

    We're going to continue raising funds for Jesse for the next month to reach our goal. We were hoping to do it with HONY but Brandon seem to be going steady with the Robyn Hood Foundation and won't return our calls. I guess, that's cool too... We'll continue to promote the campaign with out any outside help. 

    I reached out to Jesse on Linkedin today, waiting to hear back. Tomorrow will try connecting with her through the Coalition for the Homeless. Her story is touching and we want to help. We are humans helping other humans. I have a small dream of taking her out to lunch while we transfer the funds to her. Will shooting a video for it and upload it onto Fund Dreamer. If we can crowdfund some laptops for the girls, as a woman in Tech I would be super happy. Computers are tools. Education uplifts girls and gives them opportunities. Opportunities give you a chance to support yourself, your family, and your community. Stay tuned.

    We also have two amazing projects launching after Thanksgiving for Girl Up, a United Nations Foundation Campaign, as well as a fundraiser for an awesome LES/Chinatown Art/Community space called Chinatown Soup in New York. 

    Our mission is to bring people together to support women and diversity. Thank you for joining out community. Thank you and please share this campaign on facebook and on twitter. Lets keep it going.

  • Yulia Laricheva November 11, 2015

    Thanks for the donations!!! You guys rock. 

    If everyone can go into Instagram and just tag us @Funddreamer along with the Ellen and Oprah posts that would be great!

    We're trying to get a hold of Brandon at HONY so we can connect with Jessie and her fam.

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