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A campaign by Христя Хоменко

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A campaign by Христя Хоменко
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Invest in my dream!

Hi, everyone!                                                                                                                                                           I’m a 19-year-old student from Ukraine, Khrystyna Homenko . Recently I've won a grant from PPC for studying in desired Nantong Shipping College, Bachelor Program! Unfortunately, this schoolarship doesn't cover all the spendings, only tuition(full) and accomodation(part). I want to collect a half of schoolarship cost -  $1 228(or at least someth). 

In general, I'm going to be a translator in shipping logistics. I believe Ukraine has a lot of prospects in terms of economy and international relations. Now I'm studying in Ukraine, faculty of English philology. After finishing the NSC I want to develop Ukrainian society throught the right values,  international communications and logistics. I work a lot and store all my savings up. My parents are jobless and they can't support me with money. But time is short, departure is planned on 26th Oct. 
China's  culture, traditions and history has been always appealing to me. it’s not only about studying, but about a great life change as well.

I ask you to support my dream, and instead you’ll get a small surprise from me.

Here's my card number:4149 6293 8370 9649


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