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Hip Hop Saves Lives and College Confident present Chrome to College!

We are raising money to buy 400 high school students Google Chromebooks for college!
110% $27,617 Open
Funded Contributed Mar 17, 2015

Hip Hop Saves Lives and College Confident present Chrome to College 2016

Our goal is to raise $30,000 to buy our high school students Google Chromebooks for college!
22% $6,667 Open
Funded Contributed Apr 29, 2016

We Need Carseats For Pre-K Forest School!

by Sarah Fader
We are raising money to purchase carseats for two pre-k classes to ride the school bus to Forest school.
114% $1,145 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 13, 2016

Help Isani Pay for this Semester

by Isani Sonia Castro
Help me raise 4,000 dollars to pay for this semester!
17% $700 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 12, 2017

Heidi is doing 2nd Yr at BSSM 2019/2020

by Heidi Kinder
It's time to embark on the next chapter in this adventure and change of seasons. I have been accepted to attend a 2nd Year of BSSM.
4% $250 Funded
Funded Contributed May 4, 2019

Books for Neglected Children

by Steven Schuback
Help us get a special children's book into the hands of neglected children, to help them see that there is always someone who cares.
3% $150 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 20, 2015

Action to Educate Orphan Girls in Liberia

by Women Solidarity and Development
Create a brighter future for Liberian Ebola Orphan Girls by educating her who are presently out of school due to lack of financial support.
0% $10 Open
Funded Contributed Jul 21, 2017

Help me realize my dream

by Thierno Diallo
Hello to everybody, I'm here today for asking your support.
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Feb 4, 2016

Studying Funding

by Mariia
Studying Funds
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 16, 2016

Help become a doctor as a urologist.

by MrAsutu
I want to become a urologist and help people in the Russian outback. In the homeland of the great compiler P.I. Tchaikovsky.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Dec 3, 2017

Educaion for Shamil

by Shamil Hasyanzanov
I want to devote my life to the theatre. At this stage in my life I am hindered by lack of funds for further education in Cinema Institute.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Nov 23, 2017

Pilot civil aviation

by Pavel
I wanna study for pilot of civil aviation
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Feb 12, 2018


by Egor
I will create my own education at the University. A student from Russia, who does not have enough money to study.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Apr 21, 2018

Мечтаю научиться летать

by Виталий
Я мечтаю стать пилотом, для этого я хочу пройти полный курс профессионального пилота авиалиний, в летной академии гражданской авиации..
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Sep 26, 2018

Graduate from Med School

by Alecsandra Popescu Hobeanu
Hello, people! My name is Alexandra Popescu and my aim is to raise money as soon as possible for my tuition for Medical School!
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Oct 7, 2018

New Zeland Dreamer

by NailyaDreamer
Hi! My name is Nailya and I'm inlove with New Zeland. It's really important for me to study in this country, that's why I need your help.
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed May 3, 2019

Rebecca's Travels

by Rebecca A Jordan
Rebecca's Travels A Travel Advice Channel
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Apr 18, 2019

Education in China

by Алена Потылицына
I can find free education in China, but I need funds for moving from Russia.
0% $0 Open
Funded Contributed Aug 10, 2019

Svetlana gathers to study at the Academy

by Света Прйа мSpravkaиходько
Only with education can you find a good job and raise your child adequately
0% $0 43 days
Funded Contributed To Go

makeup artist training

by Alina
My name is Alina, my goal is to become a makeup artist, but in my country such training is expensive. help to fulfill my dream! ♥ ️
0% $0 Finished
Funded Contributed Sep 9, 2019
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