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Latino Strings Program Youth New York Performance

A campaign by Latino Arts Strings Program

Latino Strings Program Youth New York Performance

The Latino Arts String Program's Mariachi Juvenil is fundraising to cover the cost of their nine day tour from the Midwest to the Big Apple.  With your generous support, the group will give concerts and workshops across the Midwest and East Coast, culminating in NYC, where they will join two renowned bands – the Villalobos Brothers and Mariachi Flor de Toloache to play and record. 

The full cost of the tour will be $87,000 – an amount that is cost prohibitive for most families.  However, the musicians and their families have worked hard holding fundraisers, selling raffle tickets and candy and performing.  As a result, we are looking for assistance to raise the last $25,000 through crowdfunding.

Beating the Odds And Achieving Success Despite The Obstacles

“Our students face very difficult realities,” Marquez said. “In spite of that, they do greatness.”

Deep on the south side of the City of Milwaukee, the Latino Arts Strings Program is helping over 1,000 Latino youth, ages 5 to 18, beat the odds.  Graduates of the program have achieved success in the classroom and beyond, bringing the beautiful music of their ancestors to the United States.  Established in 2002 by Dinorah Marquez, the Latino Arts Strings Program has provided classical instructions to students on the violin, viola, cello, bass and guitar – instruction they would not have otherwise had access to.  One of their beautiful musical accomplishments includes their contribution to this Grammy nominated song by La Santa Cecilia: 

Breaking The Chains Of Poverty, Opening Doors to Prosperity 

“Living as a first-generation American from an immigrant family, I experienced many hardships as a child before I even learned to talk.  Having music in my life brought beauty to each new day.” -Elizabeth

“Music allows me to express myself without having to explain myself– I can share my emotions, triumphs, and tribulations through the performance.” – Aerial

“Growing up with a violin in my hands has been a blessing. It has allowed me to walk in paths that I never imagined possible.” –Gabriela

Throughout its history, the Latino Arts Strings Program has striven to develop programs and approaches to improve the overall quality of life of current and future area Milwaukee residents.  The program provides a future of opportunities and prosperity for Latino children; some who live in some of the poorest neighborhoods of the City of Milwaukee.  The program also seeks to change the cultural stigma, barriers, and disparities that often limit Latinos in this country with increasing frequency. 

The Latino Arts Strings Program maintains an overall focus on musicians as artists, activists, and creators of social change.  The program educates students on how to effectively and artfully incorporate advocacy and activism into their music while empowering them to use the platform of music and performance to spread awareness.  

Academic Achievement & Cultural Identity

Latino children and youth possess the intrinsic motivation for academic achievement.  The academic achievement of the students in the program is unparalleled.

Their future success and the development of the students’ cultural identities is greatly influenced by their communities, peers, schools, teachers, parents and self-view.  Culture is learned through the interactions of members of a group.  Culture is also shared, as thinking and acting are shared by members of the group.  The Strings Program utilizes music to bridge the generational and cultural gap, both between parents and children and between the children and society.   

The Latino Arts String Program helps students share their Latino cultural identity by giving them confidence and tools: students use cooperation to foster a positive relationship between themselves and their communities, schools, teachers, and parents.  The program also helps the students create a way of valuing the relations among family members and their role in society, while also contributing to the cultural American fabric.


Please help us reach our goal through this crowdfunding effort.  Help us continue the work developing young musicians, artists, activists and creators of social change.

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