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Mount Kailash Tibet Journey

A campaign by Alison Fast

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A campaign by Alison Fast
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Mount Kailash Tibet Journey
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  • LIsa June 10, 2019

    May all beings know their interdependence with each other, all beings, and the earth, and through this knowledge may healing occur and balance restore. May all beings be happy and free of suffering.

  • Josephine Doig June 7, 2019

    Blessings on your dream! <3

  • bonnie kelley June 6, 2019

    With all my heart I contribute to this journey of yours, Alison.
    Please carry my message: God is Love.

  • Ana Netanel June 6, 2019

    Safe travels beautiful 😇

  • Teri Hitt June 5, 2019

    Yeah Alison! Hoping I can contribute more later on.... Love ya!

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