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New Photography Projects

A campaign by Daniela Groza

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A campaign by Daniela Groza
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New Photography Projects

A mound of ideas buried under an avalanche of undeveloped films, precisely 61 films, must see the light ~ please help me develop the film so I can hit refresh on new projects. There's a total of 8 projects on film, continued from previous years: On Beauty, BE KIND FOR REAL, Joy, Insides, The Village Life, Women in Flowers, Where I Come From and Gardens, shot in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, Romania, Greece and the USA over the last 2 years. All projects are the product of a continued fight to reveal beauty as the highest form of consciousness - since nowadays we rely on the power of images to guide us, I strongly believe visual activism can be done this way too, in milder tones, with softer touches.

Please help me start a new chapter with a clean eye. I'm also raising money to purchase new film to support upcoming projects in Romania, possibly a new desktop computer and a couple of external drives so keep things organized, things are getting serious and it's about time.

Thank you to everyone who has seen me grow as a photographer and trusted my intention and focus so far ~ it's because of you I thrive (and don't feel too crazy for answering the artist call :)

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