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Daniela Groza


Daniela Groza
Signed up January 24, 2015

An agile Romanian sportswoman with a humanistic bent, trained first in Architecture then Italian Literature and Philosophy at UCBerkeley, I felt lost after graduation, with no purpose in sight besides taking a hearty bite out of life. Armed with mounds of cash from restaurant jobs and a saved up scholarship, I decided to feel my way in this world backwards, travelling and living like a nomad, soaking in anything and everything unfamiliar. An immigrant's nightmare and dream in unison, all ties loose. This living was as exciting as it was uneasy, too many scattered puzzle pieces. We all know a fertile mind never stops sowing, so after many years of mulling over vocational vocabularies (from cook, to cheesemonger, food photographer, to stylist - all tied together by sensory beauty I would like to think), in 2012 the big break happened, all ties came to a knot at the mystical age of 29: since then it didn't take long to want to aspire towards mastery in a field that is ever challenging and universally engaging - I am a self-taught photographer, shooting medium format on most projects. All of that for this - if curiosity about understanding one's personal myth is the secret to enjoying this earthly existence, well then, I am now the happiest human alive.


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New Photography Projects

by Daniela Groza
Help support the end of old projects and new beginnings in activist photography
14% $350 Funded
Funded Contributed Oct 6, 2016

Education in an all-girls school

by Daniela Groza
I will document a community just outside of Arusha, Tanzania in expectation of the construction of an all-girls school.
43% $865 Closed
Funded Contributed Oct 13, 2021

Bringing visibility to Arts and Abolition Movement

by Daniela Groza
Through documentary work we can bring visibility to Art and Abolition's outstanding efforts to rehabilitate young women into freedom.
101% $1,520 Funded
Funded Contributed Feb 25, 2015
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