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Pre-K rain gear For FOREST SCHOOL

A campaign by Sarah Fader

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  • Patricia Alvarez February 26, 2016

    Very exciting for wonderful school!

  • Cherrie Braxton February 25, 2016

    An amazing program + Protected gear = Success
    -Cherrie Braxton

  • Deborah and Julian Ferholt February 25, 2016

    It is a wonderful program! Thanks to whomever organized the rain gear fund. From 2 grandparents.

  • Tom & Jennifer Fels February 24, 2016

    Happy hiking ! TF

  • Elyse Neiman Seiter February 21, 2016

    We will hopefully be up-and-comers with a pre-K boy entering fall 2016. Love the Forest School philosophy and hope to be part of your gang!

  • Ken and Lisa Brownstein February 18, 2016

    Lisa and Kenny Brownstein are happy to contribute in honor of Iggy Brownstein.

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