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Rex needs Urgent Kidney Treatment

A campaign by Micaela Passeri

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A campaign by Micaela Passeri
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Rex needs Urgent Kidney Treatment
We found Rex roaming the streets of LA and saw him almost getting run over a few months ago.  My daughter shouted "we have to save him mommy!"  So we did, we took him in and I told he we would try to find the owners.  We put flyers up and waited for a call, but never got one.

Rex has been with us for a few months, he has made friends with our dogs Blue and Ocean, but all of a sudden we noticed he was loosing a lot of weight and he was not eating so I turned to my friend Mariah who saves dogs out of kill shelters on their last day through her non-profit "Hounds of Hope".

She immediately had me take him to their vet and we soon discovered he has severe kidney disease.  He is now on IVs and is in desperate need of medication and treatment to save his life.

Hounds of Hope has taken him in and is committed to treating him and finding him a forever home.  

Rex is such a sweetheart!  He must have been raised with cats, because he cleans himself like one and loves to cuddle.  We believe he is 6-7 years old and is a Terrier mix.

Please help us get his lifesaving treatment and if you are looking to adopt an amazing little soul to call your companion, Rex will be available for adoption once his health is restored.  The treatment will cost around $1,000 maybe more and all of the money will go to the Hounds of Hope Vet.  If anything is left over or if we raise more than $1,000, the balance will go to Hounds of Hope to help save other dogie's live.

Helping Rex live would mean the world to us!  Our intention when we picked him up at Hauser and Jefferson was to save his life, please help up keep our promise!

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