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Saber Academy Equipment

A campaign by Asuan J.

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A campaign by Asuan J.
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The North West Florida Saber Academy is a group/club that uses sabers as a way to stay fit and healthy with members ranging in age from 4 to 60.

However, more than that we area group that volunteers our time to the community in order to give youngsters an outlet for their energy as well as helping to fight childhood obesity. 

Another part of  Saber Academy is to help kids learn discipline, honor, endurance, self-reliance and to keep them for making not so good decisions.

The funds collected here are going towards renting an indoor place for training during the extremely hot summer months and for much-needed safety equipment, I have provided what I can out of my own pocket but sadly it's not nearly enough.   We are hoping to have enough funds before the 20th of July to provide a cool space for everyone to train in.

Thank you all for any support you can give our community.

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