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Send Kate to the Do Cool Sh*t Bootcamp in NYC!!

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A campaign by Kate Kent
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*****I just found out the Bootcamp has been canceled*** Please do not donate...all donations will be refunded asap! *****

The best medicine: Laughter!

When we laugh, it changes the chemicals in our brains and makes us healthier!  Dang.  Studies have shown that preschoolers laugh and smile over 400 times a day.  Sounds like fun!  By the age of 35 that number is at about 15 times a day.  I'm creeping up on 35 and I find these stats sad but true.  I want to laugh 400 times a day.  I find that laughter and humor are under-utilized despite being something that everyone enjoys!

What is the most stressful time of the day?  Morning!   

Let's make laughter a morning routine!  Let's have a coffee and breakfast and be entertained before we go to work and before we're tense!  Let's get that laughter buzz on in the a.m. and create a ripple effect on our day!  Why wait until you're snuggled up after the day to release tension and stress when you can start your day off right, with a chuckle.  Why do you need more laughter in your life??  Because it's good for your health:

*improves immunity
*boosts memory
*releases endorphins...which are 10x more powerful than morphine
*lowers blood pressure
*laughter is attractive
*helps depression and anxiety
*enhances creativity and problem solving
*is totally contagious and fun

Help make my breakfast comedy cafe a reality in Milwaukee by helping me attend the Do Cool Sh*t Bootcamp in NYC! 

**More details below 

(Aug. 10th 2015)

Support my trip to NYC!

Hey there!  My name is Kate Burden Kent.  Thank you so very much for checking out my campaign!  I truly appreciate it.  I like feeling good and sharing a giggle with friends.  I am also an artist, mother, wife, hair designer, day-maker, creative spirit, wise-cracker, and aspiring entrepreneur.  Entrepreneur??    

Business owner?  

Yikes!  It all sounds so intimidating and frightening, doesn't it?  I know.  I've been talking myself into it and out of it about 5 times a day since I was a little girl.  My business ideas have all been outlandish and slightly ridiculous.  Still, I've felt a strong pull to do something different, something cool.  

Then I found a book encouraging me to do just that, a book urging me to Do Cool Sh*t: Quit Your Day Job, Start Your Own Business, and Live Happily Ever After.   

Do Cool What???

I read Miki Agrawal's book in about 2 days.  I devoured it.  I nodded to myself the whole time because I felt like she was speaking directly to my soul!  She said to my soul, 'It's time to stop making excuses and start living out those insane dreams!  Stop talking about it and put the ideas into motion for crying out loud!'   She said it to me.  I swear it.    

Bootcamp #2 is here!!! I scribbled down all of my ideas, and applied for the 2015 Bootcamp in May.    

And....I was accepted!

Isn't that exciting?  What does this mean for you and me???  

YOU get to help ME learn how to breathe life into my passion project! Wow, thank you!
Here are a few of the tidbits I will be involved in during the DCS Bootcamp:

  • 5 days of intense yet tangible business strategy
  • top entrepreneurial guest speakers
  • health, wellness, creative, and self-exploring workshops
  • pitching ideas to investors
  • building brand identity
  • rubbing elbows with superheroes

...And what about that Passion Project you spoke of?

Ah, yes!

My passion is laughter.  I love laughing and I love making other people laugh.  It really is contagious!    

My dream is to cultivate a creative space for minds to shine...basically a Fun Shop...for morning laughter, chats, books, art, performances, caffeine and healthy food.  I want to share all of my favorite things with the community because laughter is contagious medicine!  What if a laughter buzz carried people through their work days with smiles and kindness?  What if you could help facilitate that??

The bottom line...

Before I can bring hearty laughter to the people of Milwaukee and rest of the world, I have to get to this Bootcamp in New York!  I have also created some very enticing rewards that I hope help seal the deal...because I really want to share them with you!  

Here is the breakdown of the $3200 Goal:

DCSB Tuition - $1999
Flight/Hotel - $1200

Anything above and beyond is greatly appreciated and will go directly towards making my passion project happen. 

You are AMAZING!!!  

...I respectfully ask for the support from each and every one of you, whether through a donation, a share on social media or just your smiles and good vibes.  Please share my campaign with anyone that you feel needs to be inspired to Do Cool Sh*t themselves!

I am eternally grateful.  Thank you!

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