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Terry Guerin Memorial Fund

A campaign by Sanae Guerin

Terry Guerin Memorial Fund

On June 14th, after a long battle with cancer, our friend Terence Matthew Guerin passed away. He was surrounded by friends and family at his home in Los Angeles. Terry left behind a substantial legacy, and unfortunately, a substantial amount of health care bills. To better care for him, his beloved wife Sanae took a long leave of absence from work to be by his side. She is now not only dealing with the loss of the love of her life, but also the cold reality of the cost of his treatment and care. We are asking for contributions to help Sanae, and they will be greatly appreciated. If the funds surpass the outstanding balance of the bills, they will go toward the publishing and promotions of the three novels Terry had completed. Thank you all for your compassion and your celebration of Terry's memory. 

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