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The dream is to continue the work of my grandfather, to become an interior designer

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A campaign by Ekaterina
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Hello friends!

I am Kate, have 2 sons,  39 years old.

 I am from Russia, and I ask you for support.

I want to continue my family business as an interior designer.

My great-grandfather was a jeweler and lost everything in the 1917 revolution.

My grandfather was an artist, but he worked all his life as a worker to feed his family.

I entered the Faculty of the History of Art and Architecture at Trnava University in Slovakia. I studied the Slovak language for a whole year.

Now I ask for your support to start a new life for me and my two children. I dream of opening my own design bureau, but I'm afraid to do it in Russia because of the high risk of losing everything again.

Now I can offer all benefactors to send beautiful postcards with landscapes of Slovakia or views of Vienna, the capital of Austria.

And in a year to make decorating your home online for you.

Thank you very much all in advance for your support!

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