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The Labor Market

A campaign by Haroon Shirzad

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A campaign by Haroon Shirzad
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The Labor Market
We, The Labor Market are services business which provide recruitment services for Businesses especially SMEs's and employment facilities for Job Seekers with best quality in less time. Our purpose is to facilitate the recruitment process and employments for Business especially SMEs's and Job Seekers with best and professional staffs. And to Pave the Opportunities for Employers and Employees to achieve their dream Employees and Employers.

The Labor Market also provide Capacity Building Training, Staff Especial Field Training, Job Seeking Training, CV and Resume Writing Training, and Life Coaching Seminars for youths and especially for job seekers, to increase their knowledge and understandings for better achievement of their goals.

We are looking forward to facilitate to Businesses (SMEs) to achieve their required staffs with Professionals within near period. And Pave the opportunities for Job Seekers to achieve their dream Jobs.

Haroon Shirzad
Founder of The Labor Market
+93 (0) 797 499 435 // +93 (0) 787 84 00 83
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