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Wingate Animal Clinic Displaced and Injured Animals- Fairdale IL Tornado Fund

A campaign by Mary Poineal

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A campaign by Mary Poineal
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Wingate Animal Clinic Displaced and Injured Animals- Fairdale IL Tornado Fund

Wingate Animal Clinic is actively taking in survivors from the tornado in Fairdale, IL. We currently have the sweetest older mare (who lost her stablemate in the same barn she was in when the tornado lifted the barn and slammed back down on them) and a random assortment of Chickens, a Rooster with head and eye injuries and a few Cockatoos that are warm and safe in a foster home until their owners can pick them up. We do know the owners of the animals and we have agreed to take care of them until they are back on their feet.....we have completed blood work and triage and all seem to be fine. Veterinary care is being donated and some board during this time of loss for the owners. More animals will come as Animal Control is unable to enter the area to rescue more animals.

What donations we may need include:
1) Chicken scratch and food
2) Senior food for the old horse
3) Alfalfa hay
4) Shavings
5) straw for the chickens

We have enough food to last a few days, but are not sure how long they are going to be here. The town of Fairdale, IL , literally was destroyed last night. One home is left standing. We are expecting more horses, birds and other animals to be brought in once the town is opened for Animal Control and Home Owners. There are no homes, no barns, nothing for the town people to resume their lives with their animals and are thankful they have veterinary care, food and boarding at no cost to them.
If you can please donate to help and please remember all moneys will go directly to the animals food, shelter and care. We will also stop the funding when we know a target date for the animals to go back to their owners.
Mary Poineal, MA
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