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Signed up August 20, 2022

Carrefour's rich and colorful history is reflected in its vibrant colors and dynamic layouts.

Its brand guidelines content focuses on being friendly, welcoming and in sync with its brand's environment. This is a great approach to Carrefour to adopt in its quest to be recognized and respected in the retail food sector because of its dedication to customer service.

If you're trying to create a welcoming "family brand" that aims to instill a sense of comfort and warmth, Carrefour's brand book might have some great inspiration.


This Apple-owned app makes it easy to discover songs that you hear in cafes, restaurants, and pretty much anywhere other places.

The company follows the same approach to its brand identity guidelines and user interface. It defines the role of the logo when it comes to branding the brand and how it can be utilized in different contexts using the watermark.

Shazam's identity guide also has a bit of comedy to keep things fresh and interesting while highlighting the brand's personality.


Netflix has been around for over 20 years and remains a popular part of the marketplace for on-demand media.

Naturally, the logo of the company and "N" icon have essentially become entities of their own.

Because its brand is mostly well-known the logo, it doesn't focus on too much in its online branding guidelines except for the logo and symbol.

This means that your brand guidelines should only go as that your brand's sphere of influence.


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