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Andy can

Signed up August 20, 2022

This brand guidelines trick is so easy, it almost feels like cheating.

  1. Brand your guidelines

The aim of the brand guidelines is to make sure your brand's message is communicated in the same way, and the document itself is no any exception.

It could be seen as another tool for marketing that emphasizes the brand's character.

This can be accomplished by making small adjustments that are in line with the guidelines you're describing.

For example, instead of the pages being numbered with black plain numbers, you can use your logo's icon as well as color accents to make it your own. Your brand colors and fonts should be used in sections' headings, as well as in explanations and descriptions.

It is an earlier version of Quiqup's brand. It featured an elongated Q logo and icon. The company extended the looped line throughout its brand guidelines to create a visual flow while enforcing the brand's visual brand's visual.

  1. Get professional help

It would be a bit absurd if your brand's guidelines were portrayed as an unpaid hack job.

Consider hiring a professional if your team lacks graphic design skills. This will help you to focus on the most important elements of your business.

It may seem like an enormous investment for a new business, but it's an investment that is crucial.

Find more affordable alternatives on websites that allow freelance work like 99designs, Fiverr, and Designhill. If you see a search bar simply type "brand guidelines" to see portfolios from the designers available.


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