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Signed up December 22, 2021

Things to Avoid for Your Report Writing


Report writing is a formal elaboration of a topic written for a specific audience. It is a productive activity that enables a student to develop a greater understanding of the topic along with analytical and critical skills. Even after being a significant part of the curriculum and an essential skill developing tool, report writing has mostly been confused with essays, and students tend to make some very basic mistakes in report writing. A person can be an essay writer  , as well as, a report writer simultaneously; however, knowing the basic differences between them is a must to be able to write a good report.


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The very first mistake students make while writing a report is that they do not consider or figure out their audience. Since essay writing assignments are far more frequent, students often write reports as if they are essays. One of the major differences among the two is that essays are written for an open audience, while reports are written for a specific audience. Before writing a report, it is important to understand the target audience of the report, as it will allow the writer to Write my essay


Knowing your audience is easy since the range of audience is provided most of the times when a report is assigned. However, even if the audience is not defined, one can figure it out pretty easily on his own. In case of high school report writing, most of the time, the audience is your instructor and your peers; in cases of professional report writing, it is either the authority that demanded the report in first place, or the client of your product; if the report is about an event or similar activity, your audience can be the dignitaries and other people present at that event.




Another major difference between the two is the structure. Roughly, essays and reports follow the same introduction-body-conclusion structure, but there are a few additional parts of a report that increase the credibility of it.




Similar to an essay, the main report starts with an introduction. All the summaries and explanations before introduction are written for a very specific sub-audience that does not have enough time to read your report in its entirety. Hence a major mistake is to confuse up summaries and introduction of reports; summary written before the introduction is to summarize your report, whereas the introduction is to introduce your topic. In the introduction, one may write about the history of the topic, the purpose of the report, background of the topic et cetera.


Main body of the report


Body is the main part of your report which has to be more inclusive of the facts, experiments, results and methodology as compared to that of essays. Although the mistake made in the body of a report is related to lack of understanding of the difference between report and essay; yet several students write the body of the essay from their research’s point of view. One’s research, argument or analysis is important in an essay, whereas in a report, the writer should only write about the topic from all aspects.




Conclusion of the essay and report are pretty similar and they only contain the question or basis of the report and how the entire report relates to it. 




Recommendations are an important part of a report that is mostly not needed in an essay. One should not make the mistake of not including recommendations, as firstly, the inclusion of recommendation represents the readers with the way to correct any failings found in the work represented in the report; and secondly, including recommendations means the writer of the report had a grip on the topic, hence their report is read-worthy. One major mistake that dissertation writers  of the report make while writing recommendations is to not consider their audience’s intention behind reading the report. Reports are just the way of presenting the view of a report-writer on a particular topic. Hence, most of the audience approaches the report as their guide to better understanding the topic and in recommendations. Therefore, it is necessary that the report-writer matches the level of the event he is writing the report on. 




Proofreading of your report is very important. Since the nature of the report is extremely formal, there can be no grammatical, syntactic or other errors. It is, hence, advisable to hire an essay writing service for such reviews as they are cheap and will help you troubleshoot any errors.


One major difference in essay and report is that report lacks the personal touch of the writer. In essay assignments, writing a well-researched essay is half the work, and the stance of the writer is the other half. Whereas in report writing, all that matters is how well the report is written, how well the topic was understood and what evidence was used; this urges the student to hire a “ write my paper ” service instead for report writing. Although good services can write excellent essays, some students are afraid that using such services will cause them to lose their perspective in the report. However, this concern does not apply to report writing. Since it is to be written on a purely factual basis; hence, getting a report written by online services will only result in better grades. 


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