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5 Common Types of Essays


You cannot exclude write my essay from your academic life. You will be asked to write an essay throughout your academic life. You cannot bypass writing assignments because they majorly contribute to your grades.



Read our article and learn about the common types of essays and start writing your assignment.

Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a type of essay in which a writer tries to give a description of an event, emotion, place, person, or object. This genre of essay writing describes the five human senses - touch, smell, taste, hear and sight.

A good descriptive essay will bring the reader to the actual happening of the event. If you want your reader to experience what you have experienced, you should learn how to create a picture in the reader’s mind. You need to be very creative and you need to think out of the box.


Descriptive Essay Topics

  1. My funniest childhood memory
  2. My mom’s favorite hobby
  3. My favorite painting
  4. Singing in front of a crowd
  5. A place I want to visit
  6. I had a nightmare last night
  7. The most amazing moment of my life
  8. My best friend’s pet
  9. Acting in a theater play
  10. A life-changing experience


Narrative Essay

A narrative essay – as the name implies, a narration of something. A narrative essay is a story of personal experience. It revolves around a specific point that has some kind of purpose. A good narrative essay should include all aspects of the story.

To come up with a perfect narrative essay you need to polish your storytelling skills. A narrative essay is similar to a descriptive essay, it requires your creativity of telling a story.


Narrative Essay Topics

  1. A surprise birthday party which disappointed you
  2. The moment you met your childhood best friend after a long time
  3. The funniest thing that happened to you in college
  4. Your experience of a school trip to an amusement park
  5. A time when you took a stand for yourself
  6. The moment when your first painting sold
  7. What makes me stand out
  8. A time when you prove someone’s perspective about you wrong
  9. A moment that you will cherish your whole life
  10. Experience of traveling with strangers


Argumentative Essay

In an argumentative essay, you are asked to present an argument and then support it by presenting facts and figures. This genre of essay requires the investigation of the topic which will be proved wrong or right after the evaluation of the evidence.

Getting help from a free essay writer might be beneficial for you but in the long run, it is better for you to learn how to write my essay for me and improve your writing skills. An argumentative essay requires a lot of research as you have to collect the facts and figures related to your topic to prove your point. Research may include surveys, observations, interviews, or experiments. Detailed research allows you to get a deep understanding of the topic.


Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Cigarettes and use of tobacco should be banned
  2. Democracy is better than dictatorship
  3. The LGTB community should be protected by law
  4. Sex education should be made compulsory in the school system
  5. Rapist should be hanged in public
  6. Smoking in public places should be banned
  7. The minimum age for marriage should be defined in the law
  8. Technology is meant to save time
  9. Can cinematography be called an art too?
  10. Exercise is important to have a healthy lifestyle


Exploratory Essay

In an exploratory essay, the writer explores the topic, tries to explain the idea in a way that it becomes clear in a reader’s mind. An exploratory essay is an explanation or an illustration made to clarify the idea.

In the exploratory essay, the writer does not have an end in mind. The writer reaches a conclusion by exploring the topic.


Exploratory Essay Topics

  1. Same-sex marriage – the influence on society
  2. Terrorism and its consequences
  3. Internet of things – how it will change the world?
  4. Technology has changed our life – truth or just a myth?
  5. Global warming – biggest issue of the era
  6. Can a long-distance friendship survive?
  7. Why our young generation doesn’t select politics as a career?
  8. Electric cars – do we really need them?
  9. Internet is damaging our children’s mind
  10. How can we stop cyberbullying?


Compare and Contrast Essay

In a compare and contrast essay, the writer is supposed to evaluate the similarities and differences between the two topics. You need to know a lot about both of the topics so that you can compare all of their aspects.


Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Academic life vs professional life
  2. Research paper vs thesis
  3. TOFEL vs Gat
  4. Democracy vs dictatorship
  5. Pepsi vs coke
  6. Science vs arts
  7. Drama vs comedy
  8. Tsunami or earthquake: which consequences are worse?
  9. Online gaming vs outdoor gaming
  10. Love vs hate


So, now you know the different types of essays and have a long list of topics. Choose the one which interests you the most and start writing. But if you still need some assistance, you can find a write essay for me service to help you craft an amazing essay for you. Happy writing!


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