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Signed up August 20, 2022

Companies that have killer brand guidelines


Alienware was first advertised as a gaming company designed for gamers who are serious.

Following further market studies, the company realized that avid gamers view gaming as a choice for their lifestyle that is growing with a different culture.

The company was redesigned, using its brand guidelines to ensure that its new identity is a closer reflection of the gaming community's identity.

Everything from illustrations and logo to layouts and photographs is also well-defined for anyone who wants to market or sell the products of the company via its own campaigns.


Audi is a brand that is well-known around the world, meaning that the brand is repeated and promoted in hundreds of places.

This is why the online brand guidelines for the company are so specific.

Audi utilizes different guidelines for its brand appearance in user interfaces, communication media, corporate branding, corporate sounds, motion pictures, motorsports, and dealership facilities.

For any kind of material used for branding, there are many combinations and alignment rules that could be applied to the logo of the company.


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