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When someone in California sells a non-owner-occupied investment property, they will incur a 25 capital gains tax liability. For example, someone who makes a $400,000 profit on the sale of their rental may immediately owe the government $100,000 right off the top. This leaves them with only $300,000 to invest. That $100,000 is no longer available to work for them. · Buy a house cheap: Our owner-financed properties are often distressed and abandoned properties that many lenders won’t touch. Even if they do, owner-financed houses have no bank fees, appraisal costs, and other banking fees. Please contact if you get this message. It is probable that your user has been blocked. Seller financing for commercial real estate, also referred to as owner financing, is an alternative financing arrangement where the seller provides financing directly to the buyer for the purchase of the property. This allows the transaction to proceed without the buyer having to obtain a loan from a third party lender like a bank.


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