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Signed up August 22, 2022

How to create a great business concept

To come up with a brilliant business idea, start by analysing your strengths. Ask yourself the following questions:

What are your interests and passions? It's crucial to choose an area that you're interested in and that you're able to do every day, all day long. For example, explore possible business options for fashion-lovers If you are a fashion lover. You might consider a vegan-friendly business idea If you're enthusiastic about being vegan.

What do you excel at? If you're the one to go to for certain tasks or chores you're good at, it's a golden opportunity to turn this talent or ability into a profitable business. Meet with your family or friends, and ask what they think.

What service would you wish to see but doesn't exist? Imagine that you go to the App Store for a specific service and are certain it exists. However, it turns out it's not. This is your chance. Join forces with an app developer or develop an app that will help people just like you around the world. Think about problems that require solutions. Many of the top-performing companies provide products or services to solve the problems of others.


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