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Signed up November 25, 2022

Best Apple Watch Faces that you Should Use in 2022

Who knows Apple Watch is super durable? Read messages, view calendar events, see notifications of and send text messages. The main feature is that you can receive notifications from your iPhone without looking at your iPhone or answering the phone.
It also tells you ECG and heart rate. how long did you sleep The list of features continues. Really, it's a lifesaver.

1. Moon:

This option is good for dating, especially if you are into the movement of the Moon. According to Apple, the watch reflected the relationship between the Gregorian and lunar calendars, using the phases of the moon to determine the date and time.
When setting up this watch, you can easily switch between Hijri, Hebrew, and Chinese calendars using the digital crown. You can also choose between analog and digital formats. Also has a wide variety of colors, so you can customize it to your liking. The corner has four editable complications.

2. Running Time:

This is a new collaboration between Apple and artist Joi Fulton. It's a nice-looking clock with a default yellow UI with several different background colors to choose from.
The angle of this dial is fine. Your time number is represented by multiple characters that move when you touch them, and it's kid-friendly.
It's fun to watch license plates change from moment to moment.

3. Astronomy:

Based on the iOS 16 Astronomy wallpaper, the new series of Apple Watch has been reworked to make use of the large screen by narrowing the bezel width.
This watch has different display options such as Earth, Moon, and Solar System. And you can choose any of them or choose randomly. Every time you raise your wrist, you get a new wrist.
The best thing about this watch is that it displays the time on a constantly updated 3D model of the Earth. The
chronograph screen allows you to see the moon phases, the movement of the earth, and all the planets of the solar system for the coming months. It gives you the feeling of watching future events in the universe.

4. California:

Only available on Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series
and later. The California watch face has a more classic look, reminiscent of old-school timepieces.
You can also choose from several configuration options in the first edit window. You can choose the appearance of the hour markers.
You can also choose from bell-shaped letters, Roman numerals, California-style letters, regular numerals, Arabic numerals, and Indian numerals.

5. Gradient: With the

Gradient Watch, the first thing you'll notice is the variety of color options. But color isn't the only customization option. You can customize this watch even more stylishly. Move your finger to the next edit window and you'll see that you can change the style of the slider.
There are three options to choose from. The first is an animated gradient line that rotates in sync 2/7. with the other hand. Another option is two different gradient lines aligned with minutes and hours.
And finally, the third graph with three gradients representing hours, minutes, and seconds.

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