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Signed up August 22, 2022

The large corporations of Washington bring advantages to small companies.

While big companies sometimes generate stiff competition for small and midsize enterprises, most entrepreneurs we spoke with said that large corporations that are based in Washington offer a net positive for their companies.

Opportunities for B2B B2B services A lot of entrepreneurs in Washington particularly those in the Seattle region, are taking advantage of large companies such as Amazon and Microsoft. Smaller businesses offer B2B services that larger corporations across the state need. This provides a reliable and deep-pocketed customer base to small B2B companies.

A larger pool of talent Small-scale business owners affirm that they've gained indirectly from big businesses hiring efforts from outside the state. In bringing talent from outside, large businesses attract skilled laborers to Washington, and those talented workers usually find their way to small-scale businesses. "Companies like Amazon and others are boosting the employment market to the point that it's good for the city," said Dave Parker, former CEO and current director of the developer-training centre Code Fellows. "We have a starting point with something that will drive expansion within the marketplace."


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