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Signed up August 20, 2022

The primary research area is the main focus

Marketing departments spend countless hours conducting research, tracking, and following up on every marketing campaign for a business. This is a part of both inbound and outbound strategies, as well as traditional or digital formats.

Advertising research only focuses on campaigns for advertising. This allows them to examine the final product's content and reception, along with KPIs, which will help guide future decisions. The marketing department may also be informed of their findings. This serves as the basis for all data or metrics.

Overall budget

In the average, an advertising department is more expensive than an agency for marketing. Most marketing processes only require in-house work or data to be completed, whereas outbound advertising (i.e. printing ads) requires additional capital.

Be aware that the cost of this is incredibly fluctuating. Companies that run just two or three advertising campaigns per month could spend as little as $400--meaning their marketing department will consume most of their budget.


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