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Signed up August 10, 2023

No need to leave any favorites behind: Glossier's cosmetic bag holds it all. Dressed in a Millenial pink outer, its interior stores a removable inner pouch that's lined with four smart pockets where eyeliners and lip glosses sit snugly. Its middle and wall spaces easily fit eyeshadow palettes and large bottles of foundation. What's more, the dimensions themselves are printed on the outside of the bag to remind you just how much you can store inside. Since it stores a ton of pockets and products, expect it to run bigger than other makeup bags on this list. Contact Features: dry-touch oil mist Snap in. Switch out. Remix. Play with limitless shade possibilities for eyes. We hate waste. We’re also not big fans of clutter. Especially when it comes to our bags and landfills. So we’re doing something about it.


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