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Essay writing. Writing rules

Choose your topic wisely.
One of the most effective ways to make the essay writing process easier is to choose a topic that inspires you.





For example, if you love butterflies, you might not be as interested in writing about dolphins. Instead, you will probably write a 10 page essay about the redlisted Swallowtail if you have a topic and want to write about it, if not you can choose cheapest essay writing service and also you can help, your professor will be happy to provide a dissertation on this topic. . . . of your choice. All you need to do is ask your teacher if you would like to write on a topic that interests you.

Collection of information
Once you have chosen an inspiring topic for your essay, you can move on to one of the most important steps in the preparation process. Research is important because you have to work hard to find reliable sources and identify basic information about your subject up to write my essay. To get the most out of your research, list at least five source categories from the following sources:

Journals, scientific journals
Dissertations, case studies
Vlogs, blogs and podcasts
the author of the essay, which can be found here (
Depending on the topic, one or another type of source may predominate. You can add several unique links to the list that are relevant to the topic. Read the teacher guides and get some ideas from the list provided in the instructions.

Create a dissertation
This is an integral element of the central thesis, helping to structure the essay and being the starting point for the logical construction of thoughts. When formulating the main thesis, it should be short and not longer than one or two sentences. Please note that depending on the type of essay, your main work will be written differently. For example, you need to mention two topics in a comparison statement and in a comparison statement. If you are at a loss and cannot formulate the main thesis yourself, ask a friend for help or contact your teacher.


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