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Signed up August 21, 2022

Indoor plants that love the dark

The indoor house plant will brighten up the corridor end 5 meters from the front door. The Cast Iron plant is also often referred to as the Aspidistra. It has graced numerous Victorian English manors Drawing rooms.

Many gardening experts describe the Aspidistra as one of the toughest and most adaptable house plants. The Aspidistra's long, slender dark green leaves or white variegated leaves proliferate straight from the soil in clumps up to 75 centimeters tall and 15cm in width.

It's an easy to maintain plant, much as a calm woman who doesn't require any care, yet maintains its sweet nature. It requires only a minimal gentle temperatures, moderate humidity and temperature and only a few times of watering.

Some plants don't need as much light

Low-light plants are generally described as ones that be able to survive 25-75 foot candlelight. That is, a spot that is located 4 to 5 metres from a bright window, sufficient light to allow you to be able to read comfortably, however, artificial light turned off during the day can create the appearance of a brighter.

The Aspidistra can be found at any local garden center or nursery.

The following five plants can also be used in very low light conditions:

Aglonema (Chinese Evergreen).

Aglonema (Chinese Evergreen) which are one of the species that are tolerant of moderate lighting and are able to adapt to low light. The leaves are large and dark green with an appearance that is leathery and tapering. Later they develop a caney base.


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