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Sales and marketing

There is no one way to think about marketing strategies. Your marketing strategy must be able to adapt to your requirements.

The goal of this article is to outline the methods you'll use to attract and keep customers. You'll also describe the process by which a sale can happen. This section will later be used to develop financial projections. It is important to describe all aspects of your sales and marketing strategies.

Funding request

If you're asking for money, this is the place you'll write out your financial requirements. It is important to explain precisely how much you'll require in the next five years and for what purpose.

Specify whether you want debt or equity as well as the terms you'd prefer to be applied, and the length of time your request will be valid for. Give details about how you'll make use of the funds. It is possible to specify whether the you need funds to purchase equipment, pay employees or pay bills until your revenue grows. Be sure to include a explanation of your future financial goals, such as closing down debts or selling your company.

Financial projections

Include in your request for funding financial projections. The aim of the letter is to convince the reader that you're an established company that will succeed financially.

If your company is already established, you should include the balance sheets, income statements and cash flow reports for the past three or five years. If you have any other collateral that you can use to secure for a loan, make sure you record it now.


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