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Signed up August 22, 2022

Sources of inspiration to generate new ideas

Sometimes, you have to find inspiration to spark the lightbulb moment. Try to find inspiration from the surroundings. The following are the top four places to look for inspiration.

Study successful entrepreneurs. It's tough to figure out which direction to take if do not know the way of the most successful entrepreneurs. Learn about the origin stories of successful entrepreneurs in similar industries. What inspired them to get their business ideas? What advice would they offer for up-and-coming entrepreneurs? Get all the information you can before beginning your journey.

Your phone. If you know you want to make an app but you're not certain what you're planning to do then search in the store for apps. You can search for categories that are most relevant to you. Is anything missing, or could you greatly improve an app's concept?

You can use the internet to search for similar products and services. It is possible to use the internet to locate the products and services you are looking for. Have you ever tried searching for something, but could not find it? This should alert you to a marketing opportunity which could be yours.

Social media is a great starting point. Social media users are quick to recognize problems and flaws in current products, processes, and places. Few people spend the time to come up with an answer. It is possible to gain insight by reading about grievances. Another good source of information is the online review website.


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