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As if struck by a flash of lightning, Wei Jiashi suddenly woke up from his staring state. He stepped back and looked at the door in disbelief. According to the rules of the system, the rest time is from 9 pm to 6 am, and wandering outside will be regarded as a thief by the NPC, so why does he want to go out? The fear of escaping made Wei Jia break out in a cold sweat, but at this moment, besides panic, there was also incomprehensible confusion in his heart. Press [happy board game] to play the player to death, even if you don't open up a VIP channel directly outside the door for him, how can there be such a survival accident that you want to open the door but encounter a malfunction? "If you're surprised by the doorknob, I removed it in advance." A lazy familiar voice came from behind Wei Jiashi. Captain! Gu Jingsheng hissed and motioned to Wei Jia not to get too excited. He lowered his voice: "So do you want to choose a corner or a plastic bottle now?" Wei Jiashi laughed. "Can I apply for an option to go back to sleep?" Gu Jingsheng was very easy to talk to and agreed to his teammate's request with tolerance: "It's OK." Wei Jiashi slipped back to the floor and lay down peacefully. Gu Jingsheng stepped on his shoes and walked slowly to the bedside. He went back to sleep gently. As soon as he closed his eyes, he felt that the people around him had pulled up his coat as a quilt. Crash.. As the sound of the water changed from continuous to intermittent, Wang Ke shook twice with ease,mineral flotation, ready to leave the ghost place with a serious lack of lighting. Because the hotel bathroom is not equipped with some common facilities in men's bathrooms, whether Wang Ke's original purpose is to stand or squat, he has to go into the cubicle honestly and fully protect his privacy. As soon as he pushed the compartment door open a crack, Wang Ke felt that someone outside had pushed it back like a prank and closed the door again. Maybe it's the wind? Wang Ke repeated it without believing in evil, and the result was exactly the same as before. What kind of hotel is this? ' The voice suddenly stopped,gold heap leaching, almost in an instant, Wang Ke reacted to a terrible thing. He is not at home now, not in the game room, but in the "pastoral cabin". There was only one oil lamp in the bathroom, and the light around it was so dim that it was frightening. Why do you suddenly forget the rules of the game? Why did you leave the room stupidly? Wang did not have time to complain that someone had blocked the compartment door from outside. He hesitated for less than a second and reached out to lock the compartment door directly. You can't mess yourself up. As long as the people outside can't get in, you can try to hold on until after six o'clock, and then you can survive. The light is dimmer. The stiff man suddenly realized that the problem was not the oil lamp, but that the light outside the compartment was blocked by something. Patter. Some liquid dripped on Wang Ke's head. When Gu Jingsheng finally turned over and sat up, it was about a quarter of an hour before six o'clock. Her sleep was very light all night. Apart from taking care of her companions, it was also because there was a serious conflict between the system's definition of rest time and her biological clock. After slightly adjusting his own state, sodium cyanide price ,tin beneficiation plant, Gu Jingsheng installed the door handle back and prepared. “…… What are you doing? Gu Jingsheng lowered his head and looked expressionlessly at Wei Jiashi, who was holding his calf in the rotation of a rolling dragon. Captain, wake up. It's not six o'clock yet. You can't be fooled by the system! Gu Jingsheng patted his teammate's head kindly: "I know the time now." Xia Xiaoyun: "She just wants to take advantage of the rest time to observe outside. Even if she is in danger, it is not difficult to stick to it after six o'clock." Wei Jiashi: ".." When Gu Jingsheng walked out of the door of Room 202, it was almost the time of the front and back feet, and Mu Youtang also opened the door of the next room. After saying hello to the other party, Gu Jingsheng said with a smile, "Did Mr. Lin get up so early?" Mu Youtang nodded, "I'm used to it. Miss Ye is going to check where the situation is first." Gu Jingsheng did not hesitate: "Men's bathroom.".
” “……” Intellectually speaking, Mu Youtang knows that Gu Jingsheng's decision is based on the fact that the ratio of male to female players in the copy is nine to four, and it's easier to find clues in the men's bathroom, but it always sounds like something's wrong. The oil lamp on the wall had already gone out. Gu Jingsheng said, "The hotel is very cold. It's obviously on the second floor, but it feels more like a basement." Mu Youtang suddenly stopped: "There is blood." Gu Jingsheng added: "The color is very fresh, like extending from the direction of the bathroom, not last night." As they spoke, they had followed the blood all the way to the door of the cubicle. The rich red liquid seeped out from the crack of the door, forming a pool of blood, and the edge showed signs of solidification. Gu Jingsheng, wearing gloves, touched the top of the compartment door: "There is little dust, but there is blood." Mu Youtang pushed: "The door of the compartment is locked from the inside." Gu Jingsheng smiled: "Let me confirm, Mr. Lin, no one in your room should have a sudden idea to run out last night, right?" Mu Youtang quickly reacted: "Could it be that you.." Could it be that Mr. Ye Jian met with an unexpected situation? Judging from the overall strength, Wei Jiashi, who has not broken double digits in the number of copies of customs clearance so far, should belong to the bottom sequence among the players, while Mu Youtang's three people have enough strength, and the danger of the first night did not find them. Gu Jingsheng blinked. "Would you like to make a bet? Guess whether the person here is Mr. Wang Ke or Mr. Zhu Zhi?" Mu Youtang: "I guess Mr. Wang." Gu Jingsheng expressed regret: "Same, it seems that this bet can not be played." Zhu Zhi's strength is similar to Wang Ke's,gold shaking table, but his leg was seriously injured the night before. The pain will make people sober, and the limitation of movement will increase the safety of his current situation. When the compartment door was opened by Mu Youtang, Gu Jingsheng checked it a little and confirmed that there was a deep blood hole on both sides of Wang Ke's head and neck. Mu Youtang: "There is no sign of struggle. It should be seckill." 。


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